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LEAD ‘Leaders Egyptian Association for Development’



1 A El Sudan St. El Mohandseen from Ahmed Orabi St.



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Missions and objectives

Leaders Egyptian Association for Development (LEAD) is a None Governmental Organization (NGO) founded to seek compliance of its goals through many
strategies that aim to empower women and youth through awareness raising, advocacy, and leadership, LEAD believes that reform and development is a
corner stone element and factor that can carry out the change and shaping a better future to Egyptian Society through education, training, empowerment,
human rights respect,
Thus LEAD is guided by human rights principles including accountability and rule of law, transparency, tolerance, empowerment, participation and inclusion,
equality, equity, non-discrimination and attention-to vulnerable groups.
Developing an adequate and fair environment for democratic development, growth, and social justice.
Increasing professionalism, awareness and strengthening leadership by fortifying skills, knowledge and human rights values, among youth & women’s leaders.
1. To provide equal opportunities for women to participate and be engaged in civic work towards emphasis on gender equality and equal rights;
2. To Strengthening women to make the voice of civil society heard in decision making processes and policy dialogue
3. To develop Women &youth to be a positive force in the world, capable of influencing change and contributing constructively to democracy in society.

Main Activities

LEAD NGO Activities working on Youth & Women rights, Development & Empowerment.
LEAD has a consideration to the current state of unemployment, so LEAD was working to solve these problems by offering services such as training,
motivating and creating jobs for many of the currently unemployed.
the mission is to provide mentors who inspire, support and empower entrepreneurs in achieving their business and personal potential, encouraging sustainable
job creation and social and economic development. They recruit, screen, and train mentors and entrepreneurs and their expert facilitators match them, guide
a contract agreement, and support a year long mentoring relationship.
to that end LEAD started to create young leaders among women who engaged in a political life, with participating in Sweden to had the training in democratic
participation, then train other women, to be capable to fight for their issues
LEAD has worked also on Poverty Alleviation, through intensive training and awareness sessions, changing attitudes and behaviors for achieving Peace building
&Social Cohesion, Dialogue policy, Human rights, GBV, and Leadership development

Contact person

Dr. May El Talawi