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karam marco



hay el filine benslimane



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before you talk about my goals i will start by introducing myself. I am abdellatif karam a young man of 22 years, who is in love with art since his childhood. during my 22 years I practiced a lot of arts such as dance percussion rap musical composition and when I was 17 I made the decision to specialize in photography. this is the beginning of a new adventure which lasted three years where I threw all the time in the streets and the festivals and the places where I could take nice pictures but after having had my baccalaureate I decided to go to a film school to give back all my know how in a professional framework and evolve and increase them, to be able to be happy with myself and to do what I like with professionalism. At the moment I have registered on your platform to know more artist and to be able to collaborate together to make beautiful artistic work.

Main Activities

is cinematographic production and photography

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