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Missions and objectives

JOVESOLIDES EGYPT is a branch of JOVESOLIDES NETWORK with its headquarters located in Valencia, Spain. The main activities are social entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Our Vision: promoting the creation of new opportunities for developing the society through strengthening the knowledge of its individuals by using youth Leadership, Youth Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation.

Our Mission: Creating a new generation of the Egyptian Youth leaders (18- 30) years Old in Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship with different backgrounds and career fields through making workshops and training in national and international level such as Erasmus ESC, KA1 and KA2 in 5 Years.

Main Activities

At Jovesoides Egypt we don’t only align our projects
towards achieving SDGs from different aspects,
but on top of our priorities is to launch projects
to spread awareness about SDGs from Virtual
Exchange programs to local workshops aiming to connect MENA-Worldwide youth for exchang-
ing knowledge and experience from their own
cultures, backgrounds and challenges in order to
foster links for effective solutions.

We are promoting several of the specific priority areas where now the Middle East and Africa is paying special attention as youth employment, youth leadership, social integration and social inclusion for minorities and disadvantaged people, social innovation, and Social entrepreneurship. Those would be our main areas of intervention where we are searching for potential partners and offering ourselves as a strategic partner as well.

Our Entity is led by young people as it was established three years ago. And we participated in multiple KA1 projects in different topics, as well as Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange for Intercultural Dialogue.

Contact person

Mr. Mohamed Ali