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Ishbilia for Arts Association- Ishbilia Theatre and Art hub



Al Mosbah Building, next super market Nassar, Saida, South Lebanon



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Missions and objectives

Ishbilia Theatre and Art hub is a safe independent space in the South of Lebanon that bridges sectarian divides and welcomes all citizens despite their social or religious background. We provide people in South of Lebanon and in Sidon city accessibility to different forms of arts.
Promote diversity, equality, and freedom of expression in Sidon city through different art forms and and provide tools for creative expression for youth in the city to enrich their lives, increase the cultural capital of communities around them, and enable their contribution to our shared humanity.

1.Integrate cultural activities and programs into the lives of communities in Sidon city and South Lebanon.
2. promote independent Arab artists work
3. become a meeting point between artists and the local community,
4. Lead and stimulate discussions and collaborations among key civil society organizations around the different roles of arts and culture
5. Put Sidon on the city of the cultural regional and artistic map
6. – Support the access to culture for everyone
7. design and deliver different forms of artistic experiences to build a participatory cultural environment.

Main Activities

Ishbilia Theatre and Art hub work is multidisciplinary and diversified. Our work includes performing arts, independent film screenings, training programmes, and community based events targeting community activists, students, artists, and cultural stakeholders to communicate, create, engage, and produce.

Contact person

Hiba Zibaoui