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Via Luigi Einaudi 73/b Matera, MT 75100



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Missions and objectives

Our mission is to encourage the construction of international networks to create opportunities for development and collaboration in the areas of expertise of the Ipogeos Consortium, transfer good practices, participatory planning, skills development, environmental sustainability.

Main Activities

The Ipogeos Consortium is an international organization based in Matera (Italy), European Capital of Culture in 2019 and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993. It operates in the field of innovation, research and enhancement of cultural heritage, including tourism and new models of fruition. It provides advanced training and international mobility, promotion of entrepreneurship, development and application of new technologies for cultural heritage. It is a next-generation hub that favors the aggregation of companies and public institutions. The Ipogeos Consortium is a member of the PRAT CARP International Network of Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe ( It is also a spin-off of the Materahub Consortium (, an international organization that operates in Europe and beyond through the projects of the European Commission.

Contact person

Luigi Martulli