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Inter Act Art






295, U.E.Perera Mw, obeysekarapura, Rajagiriya



Sri Lanka



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IAA- Sri Lanka –
Cultured Society; Full of Humanity with a Social and Cultural Change


Main Activities

Having established in 1992, the IAA is a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, multi-religious group, involved in development of theatre and performing art. Its decisions are taken by representatives of afore-mentioned group. During its existence of nearly two and half decades, IAA has completed many useful activities for the theatre and theatre fraternity.

IAA team members were the pioneers in introducing Forum Theatre (Sinhala and Tamil) and Black Box Theatre to Sri Lanka, as a different dimension in theatre art. Aligning with the main objective, IAA has trained island-wide, young creators, undergraduates and corporate sector personnel, in modern trends and techniques. It is located at Sri Jayewardenepura, the administrative capital of Sri Lanka and is the second BBT South East Asia.

IAA takes pride being the owner of one and only International Theatre Festival – The Colombo International Theatre Festival – an annual event commenced in 2012, which became a turning point in Sri Lankan Theatre arena . IAA has a mini-theatre house, a Theatre Academy, a Training Centre for Private Sector Employees, a Dancing Section, a Drama Production Unit, Film and Television Production Unit and a Publication Section.

IAA organizes two alternative National Theatre Festivals and two International Theatre Festivals annually:
a) Sri Lankan theatre festival
b) Black Box short play festival
c) Colombo International Theatre Festival (CITF)
d) Colombo Monodrama Festival

Albeit being a small organization it has built a considerable relationship with the international artists/institutions through its activities.

Majority of books published by the IAA have been prescribed by the National Institute of Education as reading material for GCE Ordinary Level and Advanced Level students who follow performing arts as a subject. We at IAA collectively offer opportunities for youth of all ethnicities with creative ideologies to work to fulfill their objectives by providing basic facilities. Most of their creations have won awards at the National and International level. Furthermore, it has a News Casting Section and a web space. As part of their contribution IAA has already presented two films to the global market.


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