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Inad Center for Theater and Arts



Beit Jala- Virgin Mary Street



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Missions and objectives

Theater is the most creative, inspiring, dynamic and powerful tools for community transformation. Our mission is to help vulnerable individuals (Women, children, and LGBTQ+ individuals) how to find meaning in their inescapable suffering through alternative means of expression like art and theater. The desired outcome is for our beneficiaries to learn how to operationalize protective factors like art, culture, hope, optimism, and coping through art that emphasizes perspective taking. We aim to provide our beneficiaries with a creative voice to develop life skills, confidence, and resilience.
1.Keep providing access to theatre and arts to the 200,000 residents of the region.
2. Empowering young girls and women through providing trainings, leadership skills and participation.
3. enhancing the rights of people with disabilities through integrating them into various activities and to develop our program Inclusive Theater.

4. Improve the life skills of Palestinian girls, children and youth.
5. Training school teachers and social workers to become qualified in the adoption of drama techniques in education.
6. To encourage and facilitate the incorporation of theatre education in Palestinian curricula.
7. Utilize social entrepreneurship approach and theatre to spur job opportunities for Palestinian youth.
8. Utilize theatre as a tool to raise awareness and advocate on community issues.
9. To assist in the building of a sound civil society, by producing theatre works which emphasize respect for human rights, democracy, and collectivism.
10. Increase artistic and cultural exchange at the national, regional and international levels.

Main Activities

– Children theater productions
– Community theater productions
– Teaching drama and theater
– Training of trainers
– Women and girls empowerment through drama and theater
– Training disabled people through the program inclusive theater

Contact person

Samia Abu Hmud