Name of the organization or artist

“IBBY Armenia” cultural NGO





42/1 Teryan street, 0001 Armenia





Missions and objectives

Armenian National Section of IBBY (International Board on Books for Young People) was established in 2013.
The main missions and objectives of which are
1. to unite the figures in the fields related to children’s books and to solve common issues and problems with joint forces
2. to organize cultural events aimed at promoting children’s literature, such as book art festivals, presentations, seminars, master classes, in cooperation with local and international cultural organizations.
3. to contribute to the promotion of reading, the popularization of children’s books, the strengthening of the book-reader-publisher-library-bookstore connection
4. to contribute to the increase and popularization of the role of books in Armenia, to the promotion and development of book art and culture education
5. to contribute to the promotion and development of the culture of children’s books and children’s books illustrations.


Main Activities

Since 2013 IBBY Armenia has
1. organized workshops for writers, illustrators, librarians, publishers, translators with the international specialists of the field
2. established 5 reading corners in 5 rural areas of the regions of Armenia
3. organized reading promotion activities in many rural areas of Armenia
4. organized workshops for librarians of the rural libraries of Armenia
5. organized workshops on media literacy, creative writing for youth of regions of Armenia


Contact person

Naira Atshemyan