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I Participate







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Missions and objectives

I-PARTICIPATE organization aims to strengthen active
citizenship, to support active participation among citizens
and to promote European values, ideas and European
identity and culture, while at the same time highlighting
lifelong learning as a necessary means for strengthening


Main Activities

Our activities aim to:

Empower and support young people through non-formal education, sport and culture.
Develop social and human capital and create more favorable conditions for strengthening social equality, social cohesion and political activity.
Support initiatives to protect individual, political and social rights and human rights in general.
Provide, guidance, marketing research, tailor-made training and development programs to promote development initiatives in the fields of culture, sport, economy, youth, the concept of European citizenship and participation, and generally in any sector that will promote active participation in European, International, National and local level.
Provide services to help and support individuals of all ages and at any time in their lives, to manage their careers, to choose their education and vocational training.
Strengthen innovative programs from any source, World, European or National, to contribute to local, regional and global collaboration.