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Grimoire Fanzine




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Missions and objectives

-To Introduce the macabre and surreal art in Tunisia, a field of research that is reaching new limits and horizons in the world, but still not flourishing in Tunisia, due to the lack of platforms and editors/publishers interested in the field of the Macabre and the abstract Art.

-Display the work of surreal artists to a worldwide artsphere by giving them a “carte blanche” to express themselves and release the most hidden, private and unexplored side of them, through their works, their notes, and their snatches of thoughts… with a focus on artists from Tunisia, the MENA region, Africa, and Worldwide. We wish to provide a platform for these voices to express a kind of art that is considered outlandish and wreckage.

-Create a journey through the dark realms of the selected works. The process is similar to finding the intersections and the continuity of Aesthetics and meanings between the gathered “oeuvres”. An immersive experience into shapes and lines and figures with different approaches, different Codex, no apparent link to each other, but with a deep feeling of connection and continuity.

-Gather a surreal bunker of references where artists are highlighted, with external links and referrals to their other works and projects. We invite our visitors and participants to visit and check the artists works outside of grimoire, to refer, contact, interact and collaborate with them, in order to make the artsphere prosper and flourish from such interactions and dynamics.

-Expend the form of the Fanzine itself and evolve into a more developed shape ( Events/Happenings, screenings, exhibitions, festival …)

Main Activities

This Fanzine is a Grimoire in its digital form, where iconographies, textures, drawings, texts, photographs, sound worlds, ideas, are gathered … This journal is a composite of “oeuvres” that we deem visionary, avant gardists, macabre and deeply imaginative … It is a gathering for the “Practitioners of the Dark Art” to display a collection of heterogeneous formulas of possible worlds conquered by them, ciphered in a disturbing, provocative, dense and unrestrained content.
Based in Tunisia.

We also have special editions program which is a collaborative project to continue to work with artists and other organizations.We make online collaborations allowing us to reach out far and wide to our international community.

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Bochra Taboubi_