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Give Something Back to Berlin e.V.









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Missions and objectives

We imagine a world where migrants, refugees, and locals co-create in a spirit of solidarity.

Our mission is to build and nurture dynamic communities in which an individual’s uniqueness, sense of belonging and creativity can thrive. By incubating grass-roots initiatives and long term programming, we form spaces for mutual support, learning, and creativity to build bridges between migrants, refugees, and local people.


Main Activities

Give Something to Berlin is an association that connects migrants, refugees, and locals to engage in building an open and inclusive society.

We focus on the impact of migration on the urban level and develop innovative practices that make a difference in people’s everyday lives. We nurture spaces where new and established Berliners work together to foster individual and collective creativity. We challenge the way integration is described. We make worlds meet for a better city.

We believe in empowering the community by facilitating social, cultural, and educational spaces to promote the development and the integration of migrants, refugees, and locals. Our projects emerged as grassroots initiatives and evolved into long-term programmes. All of our activities are open to everyone and are completely free of charge.


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Ragip Zik