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Foundation “Cultures beyond Culture”



Al. Wojska Polskiego 33c/9, 80-268 Gdańsk



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Missions and objectives

1. Activities for the benefit of culture, art, protection of cultural goods and national heritage;
2. Activities for the benefit of science, higher education, education, training and upbringing;
3. Activities for European integration and developing contacts and cooperation between societies;
4. Activities for national and ethnic minorities and a regional language;
5. Promotion and protection of human freedoms and rights and civil liberties, as well as activities supporting the development of democracy;
6. Helping victims of catastrophes, natural disasters, armed conflicts and wars at home and abroad;
7. Action to overcome stereotypes and prejudices in the perception of other cultures and fears related to contact with them;
8. Strengthening intercultural dialogue;
9. Initiating international artistic cooperation;
10. Promotion of mutual understanding and respect between Polish citizens and foreigners residing in the country;
11. Strengthening pluralistic attitudes in society;
12. Organization of humanitarian aid for contemporary ethnic communities in the world.

Main Activities

1. Exhibition activities through the presentation of contemporary art, folk and ethnic art;
2. Educational activities through the organization of meetings, lectures, workshops promoting knowledge about other cultures (cultural practices of other communities);
3. Publishing activities promoting statutory goals;
4. Research activities;
5. Co-operation with self-government authorities, government authorities and non-governmental organizations in the scope specified for the purposes of the Foundation’s operation;
6. Cooperation with partner organizations at the national and international level in order to strengthen and develop a network of contacts related to statutory objectives.
7. Activities aimed at the cultural activation of local communities

Contact person

Agnieszka Wołodźko