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Fondazione Emmanuel



SP Lecce-Novoli 23-25



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Missions and objectives

Recognising diversity in today’s world is a wealth and poverty has multidimensional aspects, we believe and improve the “OSMOSIS process” as an interchange, inter-dialogue between the different cultural and religious nuances of people.
The institutional task is to encourage and support people from Southern Italy, Southern Europe, and Southern World, creating possibilities and providing the right tools for the self-empowerment. Together we will promote Social Justice, Charity, Human rights and Christian mercy, in response to the social inequalities that afflicts the world, with particular attention to migrants and other populations, near and far, that more suffer the imbalances of the planet.

Main Activities

We work through projects co-financed by public entity and private donors. Our projects aim to promote intercultural, interreligious, and inter-social dialogue and social participation on several levels.
At national level we are dealing with reception and social assistance of asylum seekers and the most vulnerable population groups, in order to promote social-occupational inclusion.
We foresee Inter-cultural Mediation actions between various actors of civil society (educational institutions, public and private entities, etc.) with particular attention to migrants.
Also, we act in Cooperation for development in Ecuador (city of Esmeraldas), Egypt and Albania, supporting actions and local projects aim to promote processes of self-empowerment, working in close cooperation with the various local partners.
Finally, the organization is dedicated to Erasmus Plus project (mobility and exchange of good practice between European organization).

Contact person

Luigi d’Avolio