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Eye’s Walk Digital festival






8 Leonidou st Ermoupolis Syros island






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Missions and objectives

Social Cooperative Enterprise “Cinesthesia” since 2014 runs Eye’s Walk Digital Festival, on the island of Syros, in Greece and internationally (Italy, Iran). The festival connects to the unique architectural legacy of a city by creating a layer of digital work (projections, installations, performative) to interface the public space with the local community. We experiment with art in public space aiming at awakening and mobilizing individual and collective consciousness in relation to social responsibility and to social change.

Storytelling and narratives are key to the work as is the Greek word «Eros».

“I perceive my curatorial work as an act of “Eros”, that infuses the city with different emotional and physical states, transfiguring it, into a transformative – creative experience with a potentially tremendous impact on neighbourhoods’ life, street stories, closed windows’ agony”.

Filia Milidaki – Curator & Founder.


Main Activities

2019 – 2020 · “Park of literary travels in Greece and Magna Graecia” – Interreg program POLYSEMI : Site- specific installations on three historical churches in Corfu, Bari and Taranto.
2020 – 2020 · Italy-Greece: Restart project” curated by Eye’s Walk & the International Bari Biennale. At the current historic moment of the Pandemic, an international on line video Art festival was created for the promotion of artistic creation.
2020 – 2020 · Levante Jazz Festival – A musical & Video Art bridge between Italy and Greece. A collaboration between Eye’s Walk Digital festival, the Thessaloniki Concert Hall, the Embassy of Italy and the Italian Cultural Institute of Athens.
2021 – 2023 · Erasmus+ project: “SCIL_Social and Cultural Innovation Labs” :. With Lead Partner FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg , joined by Stimmuli , Otvoreni univerzitet Subotica and ZEMOS98
2019 – 2020 · ”Eros” an artistic exchange project between Eye’s Walk Digital Festival -Greece and Paadmaan projects in Tehran-Iran.


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Filia Milidaki Curator