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Europe On The Move



8, Charles Darvin Str. Sofia 1113, Bulgaria



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Missions and objectives

Popularizing European integration and Bulgaria’s membership in the EU among the active citizens;
Promoting the EU’s and other relevant donor programs and funding opportunities;
Supporting local authorities, civil society organizations and businesses in developing quality projects for EU funding as well as in their subsequent implementation and management;
Encouraging the strengthening of public-private partnership (PPP) in activities related to the EU funds management;
Contributing to the creation and realization of economic, social, cultural, ecological and civic initiatives aimed at the development of Bulgarian regions;
Last but not least, advocating the cooperation of Bulgarian regions with other European regions.

Main Activities

Development of and participation in projects corresponding to our aims and values;
Consulting of individuals and organizations about project development, implementation and management;
Dissemination of information about various EU programmes and initiatives and other funding opportunities;
Partnership with the state administration, public sector and local authorities, and particularly with those with expertise in European integration;
Communication with international organizations, engaged in these areas, and eventual membership in such organizations;
Organization of information events, conferences, workshops and trainings;
Monitoring and evaluation of the work of the public bodies administrating and managing EU and other international funds;
Exploring best practices of PPP across Europe;
Carrying on of researches and analyses.

Contact person

Georgi Filipov