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The EuroMed University, together with the institutions of its Consortium, pursues specific objectives, uninterrupted since its founding in 2007. It offers unique programs that, being complementary, are clearly differentiated from those pursued and offered by existing EuroMed Universities and other centers, public and private, with EuroMed programs. We thus guarantee a necessary dialogue with the disparity for reasons of culture, ethnicity, language or vulnerability. The priority lines of the EuroMed University are based on Equality and Human Rights, respecting the gender perspective and the valuable potential represented by youth.


Main Activities

Academic and Research Courses
Masters d’Université: 1. Equality_ Human Right in the Mediterranean
2. Giornalismo e Informazione Culturale Critica
3. Cultura and Thought Black Peoples
4. Cancer Patients: Society and Languages
5. Information and Knowledge Society
PhD d’Université: Human Right in the Mediterranean
Projects, Standing Seminar: 1. Numen: Un colectivo para un Nuevo Arte
2. After the Crisis: The New Order of Discourse
3. Pier Paolo Pasolini: Profeta del nostro tempo
4. María Zambrano y Roma
5. Human Rights and Gender Violence
University Research Group 1:
L’attualità del pensiero e dell’opera di Pasolini
University Research Group 2:
THEORIA: Critical Project of Social and Juridical Sciences
Open School (Solidarity Project):
Equality_ Human Rights: Refugees, youth, women, migrants, vulnerable citizenship
Summer University_Scuola Estiva | 2021-22 (2/3. Ed.):
Equality_ Human Rigths in the Mediterranean: Approaches and Perspectives for a Dialogue
International Congress:
Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1922-2022
Dante nella vita, nel pensieero e nell’opera di Pasolini (2021)
Mediterranean Sounds: Voice and Women’s Word
EMUI_ Official Journal
Nomads. Mediterranean Perspectives: Nrs 63 (2021.1), 64 (2021.2), 65 (2022.M1)
EMUI_ EuroMed University Editions:
Publication of two titles per collection:
1. Mediterranean Perspectives
2. Poesia sotto forma di dubbio
3. Pier Paolo Pasolini
Interuniversity EuroMed Platform:
Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Masters):
1. European Union and the Mediterranean: Historical, Cultural, Political, Economic and Social Basis
2. Estudios Avanzados sobre Islam en la Sociedad Europea Contemporánea


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Paloma Criado