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Missions and objectives

At the level of mission and main objectives, the entity is committed to:

– Promote debate and dissemination of scientific, social and cultural production.
– Support the professional, academic or associative development of immigrants of Arab, European and/or diverse origin in Catalonia.
– Disseminate Arab culture and that of the societies on the southern shore of the Mediterranean.
– Promote youth participation, with special attention to unaccompanied minors and young people formerly under the guardianship of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Government of Catalonia).
– Create a communication platform, known as the EuroArab Channel and CatDiversa, aimed mainly at the Arab, Muslim and/or diverse communities in Catalonia and Spain.
– Make visible and empower people and groups from diverse contexts.
– Promote actions to fight against discrimination and racism in all its forms, emphasizing minority groups and diverse contexts.
– Promote interculturality and interreligious, inter-convictional and intercultural dialogue.
– Promote and create bridges of communication and transnational development between Catalonia and the Arab world in particular, and the Euro-Arab space in general.
– Promote Euro-Arab dialogue and cooperation.


Main Activities

We are an organization of people from different fields such as law, anthropology, sociology, media, cultural studies, psychology, political science, cooperation and international relations, or even natural sciences and engineering disciplines. In addition, our entity has fully internalized the gender perspective, and women are the majority of volunteers and are both the heart and the driving force of the entity’s work. The entity claims the role of women both in history and in the present, in different activities, and gives voice to women, in plural, in their diversity and difference.

The diverse origin of the members of the entity can be valuable to contribute their own experiences and experiences in the field of migration, interculturality and refugees. The entity has experience in the field of raising awareness towards refugees, mainly from Syria and Palestine, and towards unaccompanied minors or those without family references and ex-guardian youth. The fact of creating transnational networks is also a key element to contribute and solve the migratory challenges faced by the Euro-Arab and Mediterranean countries. Both the experience of the entity within the field of migration, as well as the fact that the members are migration, allows us to deeply understand the migrated communities and their current dynamics.

Ultimately, the entity is committed to socio-cultural promotion, the defense of human rights, democratic values, solidarity, and reflects these principles in its actions and projects.


Contact person

Zouhair El Hairan