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En Chordais



Perseos 2, Thessaloniki, Greece



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Missions and objectives

The main objectives of En Chordais, as set out in the organisation’s statutes, are the research, study, teaching and presentation of the Greek musical heritage, the search for and reconstruction of the elements of a shared musical culture of the Mediterranean through collaborations with cultural and research centres, educational bodies from around the Mediterranean and Europe and, finally, the support and promotion of new musical creation. The activity of En Chordais has, above all, an educational, scientific and artistic nature, bearing two important parameters in mind:
i. the need to contribute to a collective cultural awareness
ii. the promotion of Greece as a crossroad of cultures, a place of peaceful coexistence and cultural dialogue and as the bearer of a rich heritage

Main Activities

Music ensemble “En Chordais”, book and cds, seminars, conferences…
From its creation in 1993 to today, En Chordais has an impressive body of work and experience to present, in both quality and quantity, spread throughout the Mediterranean and the rest of the world, involving leading musicians, musicologists and educators. Recognition for its precious work came when in 2006 En Chordais was the Greek candidate for the UNESCO Sharjah Award.

Contact person

Kyriakos Kalaitzidis