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Doc House



10 rue Echourouk




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Missions and objectives

– Promote the production, distribution and professional networking related to Documentary in Tunisia and North Africa.

– Doc House aspires to make documentary films accessible to all Tunisians and North Africans to raise awareness, generate knowledge and produce entertainment.

Core values
– Creativity: Special attention will be given to projects, artists and operators who are risk-takers and innovative in their purpose, support or format.
– Independence: Doc House will be autonomous in its decision-making.
– Diversity: We will work for equal opportunities and tolerance by encouraging multiple and plural visions.
– Inclusion: We will encourage the accumulation of experiences and the transfer of knowledge and values to younger generations.

– Freedom of expression: Doc House wants to liberate the word of the wordless and will take a stand against all forms of censorship.
– Respect of Ethics: In detachment from morality and the established order, Doc House will work for a tripartite relationship Director-Character-Public Sound.

– Create positive social change and transmit the universal values ​​of Human Rights by using Documentary as a tool for communication, enlightenment and entertainment.
– Empower Documentary professionals by developing their artistic, managerial and technical skills through training and support programs.
– Develop the filmmakers network through consolidating and opening it up to the various governmental and non-governmental components.

Main Activities

“Doc House” is an independent, non-profit organization founded in 2018 by a collective of artists and cultural operators to promote the production, distribution and professional networking of Documentary in Tunisia and in North Africa.

Contact person

Mrs Soumaya Bouallegui – Executive director