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Dawar for Arts & Development





16 Adly st., Downtown ,Cairo,Egypt





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Missions and objectives

We promote personal and collective health through popular education, cultural programming and social entrepreneurship.


Main Activities

We utilise participatory theatre, therapeutic drama and other arts-based processes for healing, dialogue and societal transformation from the grassroots up. Our practitioners include artists, educators, psychotherapists and health workers from Egypt and abroad. Together we offer a range of initiatives that promote creativity, critical thinking, civic engagement and community cohesion. We also hold regular cultural events including theatre performances, film screenings, art exhibitions, live music and poetry readings. In addition to this, we provide therapeutic services for individuals and communities impacted by violence, adversity and collective trauma. Our training branch offers workshops, seminars and professional training programs in psychodrama, applied theatre, psychotherapy and the performing arts. We also provide consultancy services, internships and research opportunities for students, scholars and practitioners.


Contact person

Mariam Chehata , Communication Officer