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Dar Asala



Bir Hasan



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Missions and objectives

Dar Asala is specializes in publishing quality educational Arabic children’s books. To date, it has published more than 1900 titles including: picture books, activity books, folktales, fairytales, and different leveled reading series. Asala’s books have won tens of national and international awards including Khalifa Award and The Arab Thought Foundation’s Kitabi Awards.
Dar Asala’s books target Arab children in different countries. They provide young readers with new ideas from their environment. Asala’s books are sold to schools, ministries of education and culture, NGOs, and distributors.
Dar Asala has a specialized educational team that follows up the process of publishing with much care and knowledge. This process is based on recent research developments in children’s literature, and aims to prepare the child for today’s needs.

Main Activities

Since its establishment, Dar Asala has insisted on producing high quality books for young readers. It aims to achieve the following goals:
• Inspiring children to love the Arabic language, by providing them with picture books that combine an easy-to-read text with lovely illustrations;
• Meeting the educational needs of the children at all reading levels;
• Producing books in a formal Arabic language that is suitable for their age group and is not too hard but close to the spoken Arabic;
• Raising children’s awareness of some of the social problems, such as accepting the other, diversity, respect and environmental issues, indirectly through books;
• Organizing workshops for parents and teachers on how to use books and encourage children to read;
• Organizing tours and book-signing events for authors and illustrators;
• Working with organizations in the country to promote reading and holding reading competitions;

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shereen kreidieh