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Dafa Puppet Theater s.r.o.



V. Nejedleho 1384



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Missions and objectives

To connect people through theatre.

To spread puppet art and promote theatre in education and awareness through:
1- Assisting education, health and environment sectors; through designing specialized programs.
3- Providing trainings and skills for social and health workers and educators.
4- Contributing to the well-being of individuals through theatre practice.
5- Networking with local and international organizations.

To contribute to the art and culture exchanges and collaborations in Euro-Mid. regions:
1- Realizing high quality artistic productions and emphasizing on sustainable touring theatre.
2- Supporting the cultural and professional development of amateur performing artists.
3- Establishing inclusive and cross-borders cultural encounters programs: theatre festivals, labs. and art residencies.
4- Networking between local and international artists and institutions.
5- Exploring new methods in the field of puppetry and object theatre.
6- Publishing materials around puppetry in Arab world and Europe.

Main Activities

1- Organising and producing Ya Khayyal Theatre lab. for youth in Jordan.
2- Organising and producing LIV’in festival in the Czech Republic.
3- Creating and producing theatre productions for children and adults.
4- Participating in international festivals and conferences.
5- Co-initiating Objects without borders program:
in partnerships with Seenaryo/UK&Jordan, Theatre Orchard/UK, Wattle and Daub/UK, Bath Spa University/UK.
6- Partnership in Erasmus+ program initiated by Divadlo Poton/Slovakia: IN MEMORIAM Art Camp.
7- Publication materials around puppetry in Arabic and English.

Contact person

Husam Abed