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Crafts and Letters NGO-جَمْعِيَّة حِرَفْ وحُرُوفْ



Aramoun- Mount Lebanon- Lebanon



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Missions and objectives

Mission: We aim at empowering youth and women with artistic, technological, educational and leadership skills that guide them to reach their full potentials.
1- Provide youth and women with educational, artistic, and technological training sessions
2- Provide youth and women with self management and social skills by delivering positive support and feedback, offering occasional advice and improving leadership accountability through life coaching sessions
3- Provide youth and women with awareness sessions about the importance of financial independency to become productive individuals in the community
4- Create events like workshops, conferences and cultural and artistic exhibitions to promote the mission of the NGO
5- Collaborate with schools and NGOs to foster the sense of community service and belonging
6- Collaborate with Local, national and international NGOs to achieve the NGO’s mission.

Main Activities

1- Provide professional photography training workshops to build capacities of individuals whether from NGOs or participants in projects
2- Provide soft skills workshops to develop resilience for youth and women whether from NGOs or participants in projects
3- Provide the space for youth to run their art, technology and community service clubs
4- Provide support language sessions for children, youth, and women
5- Provide capacity building digital marketing workshops for individuals whether from NGOs or from participants in projects.

Contact person

Maha Mneimneh