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Congolese Youth Biodiversity Network



10, Zéro Avenue, Kabondo



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Missions and objectives

Build a global coalition of individuals and youth organizations to achieve its ultimate goal.

Main Activities

In partnership with other youth organizations, GYBN-DRC conducts awareness campaigns on biodiversity protection. These campaigns are done mainly through tree planting, sanitation, webinars on social media, workshops and focus groups in schools and universities. These campaigns target the general public, schools and universities. Schools are targeted to involve children in biodiversity conservation activities so that they grow up with the importance of small actions on biodiversity protection in mind. This will help build a biodiversity conscious generation (mission)
Publication of articles on youth involvement in biodiversity management on social media, radio productions.
Making nature trips.
All these activities are to be carried out in accordance with the principles that guide GYBN and national and international policies on biodiversity management.

Contact person

Yoba Alenga Extasié