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Coal City FilmFestival





15 simisola street, Surulere Lagos





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Missions and objectives

COAL CITY FILM FESTIVAL is dedicated to open the doors of South East Nigeria to the rest of the world, building capacities for the creative industry by organizing tailor-made trainings, increasing tourist potentials and encouraging cultural tolerance through the celebration of Africa and world Cinema. Coal City Film Festival celebrates the originality of African cinematic expressions in the city that arguably gave birth to Nollywood as we know it today. Enugu State Nigeria has played integral role in hosting early filmmakers and provided locations in the beginning days of the largest film industry in Africa and has continued to do so; what other way to pay the state back, than assembling filmmakers from all over the world annually to this tourist city with so much historical and archeological significance to Nigeria and Africa as a whole.


Main Activities

Our major activities are:
Film Screenings
Capacity Building Workshops
City Tour
Cultural Promotion and Cultural Tolerance programs


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