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Center for cultural decontamination



Bircaninova 21



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Missions and objectives

To educate and empower a new team of activists able to contribute to the emancipatory process enhanced by the overall civil movement in Serbia. New generations of bearers of social change will utilize the CZKD secular cultural and intellectual legacy in order to create a new culture of struggle for freedom and social justice, against nationalism, xenophobia, and any kind of violence that can be questioned in the same way that they are developed – through culture, art and public speech.
Center CZKD is an institution of critical thinking and the affirmation of the right to rebel, without separating human rights and justice, art, culture and truth.

We believe that culture and art are of fundamental importance for the social development in terms of:

-encouraging and supporting innovation/initiative focused on rethinking the role of public space, culture and art in contemporary society;
-offering a real and virtual meeting space for artists of all ages and provenances, and systematically acting in order to identify and support new artists;
-collecting, archiving and making available documents and other testimonies of struggle for survival of a culture of critical thinking and creativity in present time of social values crisis used as resource to the new activism;
-stimulating inter-generational transfer of knowledge and investigating potentials of new electronic media.

Main Activities

The CZKD is a public forum and a place for cultural and knowledge production, open to various groups and audiences with the aim to contribute to social cohesion in Serbia by:
Producing cultural events: plays, exhibitions, performances, various cultural and political “public gestures”
Creating a digital platform for the affirmation of progressive policies
Developing a public space for flexible and swift reactions to social questions, aiming at providing social cohesion
Encouraging and supporting the cooperation between artists and activists locally and in neighboring countries, and cooperating with cultural organizations and institutions in Europe and the world
Promoting cooperation between the public and the private sector, especially regarding culture and human rights
Strengthening the development of civil society in Serbia

Contact person

Lola Joksimović