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The captivating and mystical performances of Carina Lyrique transport the audience into a magical universe where the mixture of sweetness, peace and love leaves a mark of deep healing as her listeners say.

Known for her heavenly and angelic voice, Carina Lyrique is a Lebanese multilingual singer-songwriter of Armenian origin.
Poetic and mystical, her melodious style reflects her divine connection resulting from traditions where love is the only religion. Inspired by deep meditations where she receives the music, her musical journey is the main instrument through which she channels her spirituality.

Having studied music her entire life since childhood, she is a multi-instrumentalist who continues to develop her voice and musical talent.
In 2019, she self-produced and arranged her debut album Safrit Rishé (A Feather’s Travel) after a successful crowdfunding campaign. The LP was recorded with the cooperation of 7 professional musicians playing cello, violin, double bass, flute, drums, and oriental percussion.
Her song Safrit Rishé featured in the documentary Eleelé (The Unheard Feminine Voice of the Middle East) and among her notable past performances we note her participation in the Nehna Wel Amar Wel Jiran (Us, the Moon and the Neighbors) festival, and the live television coverage of her concert of the Music Day festival.

Her evocative performances offer authentic re-imaginations of traditional musical treasures, as well as a stunning repertoire of her own original songs. Carina expresses her holistic vision and love for humanity through concerts as well as her parallel passion for the humanitarian clown.

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Singer-songwriter, Music composer, Multi-instrumentalist