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Missions and objectives

To become a leading firm for creating a quality contemporary art and craft, for empowering and providing a space to the artist to learn and develop research so as to explore a new art theme, which can be accessible and visible to the audiences.


Main Activities

OPERATION: is a day–to–day activity that focuses on creating, training, selling, and distributing products and services to the target market. Those create distinctive values and achieve fundamental objectives. Operation plays a distinctive role that contribute to the overall success of the organization. Active processes build a healthy organization that strives to create a quality and quantity of goods and services. Our daily operation largely focuses on (4) major activities such as the following:
FIRST RESEARCH AND CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT: it’s a primary activity that helps us study and conceptualize our ideas to bring them into life and presenting to audiences. Our operation starts from concept development, research, and analysis.
SECONDLY CREATING AND DESIGNING STAGE: a second main activities is creating art and craft, working is a day to day, where an artist practices a studio space for creating and designing through his/her concept and theme. We are daily supervising and advisory artists to produce a quality contemporary works. Focusing on a constant operation to achieve a desire goals. While should concentrate on creativity and mark individuality.
THIRDLY TEACHING AND TRAINING: at present having a training class for young artists, where training them through different programs. Ongoing operation for 5 days a week, where students attend a class for learning. Arranging their programs through a timetable, programs schedule, and all administrative works. Daily activities shall oversee their programs, coaching guide, and exercise. Analysis of their progress and improvement, well-qualified students will contribute to the overall success.
As a business operating different strategies to ensure that it attains its strategic goal, daily operation, salesperson operating and overseeing a different selling points, many customers reach a studio space for purchasing a painting. Hence other customer purchase a painting from the hotel where we are exposing it for sale.


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othman mussa