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Benjamin Rost



Dom-Pedro-Strasse, 22



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Missions and objectives

Film-Director and Workshop Instructor, mainly in the field of highly visual cinema and social impact topics. Change the world by building bridges!

Main Activities

Currently working on a project called

Hamza, Nourdine and Wallid are a group of young Moroccon boys living in a cave under the lighthouse in the spanish exclave Melilla. They wait for their chance to cross the sea spending their time with Drugs, Videocalls with their mothers and filming themselves for YouTube while breaking into the harbor. They admire Mohamed, an illegal Moroccon teenager and You Tube Influencer in France, who is known for a video showing him swimming to Europe through the Mediterranean Sea. Who will succeed? And what will be the award? #Buscalavida.

Last film played in South Africa and is called ‘A Portrait on the Search for Happiness’.

Three diamond diggers in South Africa are searching for the precious stone that will change their future forever. In their pursuit of happiness, they struggle to take their land back and a story ignored by the media unfolds.