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Behna Elwekalah



1 Al Kanesa Al Maronya, Al Mansheyah Al Kubra, Mansheya, Alexandria Governorate



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Missions and objectives

Behna (el wekalah) is a hybrid art space for traditional and unconventional cinema, contemporary art practice, and alternative education as mediums of communication. El Wekalah is invested in research that dictates the dynamics of dominant epistemological, artistic, and cultural production and reception; exists across multiple disciplines; engages with it and with the critical discourse that affects both kinds of production. We transcend stereotypical roles—both gender and epistemological ones—to achieve a cooperative framework in dealing with the complexity of reality, with various dependent and independent production outlets. With our film screenings, discussions, exhibitions, extensive educational and collaborative programmes, research projects and publications, El Wekalah aims at contributing to the public discourse: By interacting with artistic developments, constantly pushing for a review of the inherent cultural structures, and dismantling stereotypes, we are defining our relationship with public discourse.
In an era where daily life lies under overflowing information, we devise strategies that contribute to the detection, analysis, and perception of various social circles and academic institutions. Consistent with our geographical positioning in Alexandria, Egypt, El Wekalah is not shielded from daily happenings; rather, it is inclusive of all backgrounds and professions; world news and updates; significant and insignificant events. As part of our mission, we seek to refine our discourse and activity; integrate more publicly into business- and cultural-building; broaden participation in our activity; provide fair exposure to a variety of cultural projects, which is lacking within our local Alexandrian scene. Behna (el wekalah) is constantly hoping to provide opportunities for artists, academics, and those aspiring to become both, either, or neither.

Main Activities

Our main practices as a hybrid art space spines around traditional and unconventional cinema and contemporary art through thematic screenings, exhibitions, research projects, archival studies and related-publication production.
we take also a parallel approach focusing on alternative education practices as a mean of building capacities and developing your cultural peripheral through educational programs, workshops, seminars, study circles and open disscusions.

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