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Baladi Center for Culture & Arts



Old City Street, Beit Jala



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Missions and objectives

Our Mission:
Strengthening the capacities of children and youth towards a Palestinian cultural folk identity

• Preserving the Palestinian heritage through dabkeh and folk songs
• Training children and youth on the basics of folk dabkeh and folk dance
• Organizing various cultural and social programs to enhance their role in serving the community
• Promote the principle of acceptance of each other and mutual respect
• Promoting a culture of volunteerism
• Developing the capabilities of dancers in the field of dabke and folk dance
• Networking with civil society institutions and ministries

Main Activities

• Developing courses to teach the Palestinian popular Dabkeh
• Oganizing Dabkeh School for children through a year-round training program
• Organizing and holding artistic events
• Organize various volunteer activities
• Participation in local and international festivals and national and religious holiday

Contact person

George Matar