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Missions and objectives

Arts, Culture, Meeting, Mobility, and Children are the main themes.
Created in 2004 to promote young talents from all origins, to work for an access to artistic activities, and to encourage exchange, cultural meetings and international mobility, the association organizes events and projects. These artistic actions and creations help us also in financing our humanitarian and cultural projects.

Since its creation, thanks to artists, groups and organisations, collaborating with us and supporting our actions, the association works for the sake of children and its objective is to develop their expression and sensitivity in arts.

Main Activities

With the help of artists of different vocations (theatre, dance, singing, photography, video editing…) an access to art is offered to these children. They are then initiated to artistic expression, through which they can bloom by taking possession of their own space and progressively understanding the keys (following the rhythm of their learning) so they can share their emotions and use them as a basis for constructing their personality and their own achievements.

Through creation and formation, this socio-cultural work actively participates in education and possesses a strong emancipating factor that helps the child in reconstructing his dignity and integrity as a human being, thanks to an approach that shifts his concentration away from immediate problems. With the discovery of an artistic and physical development come emotions, self-awareness and empathy, personal evolution and reflection.

Offering access to culture to children and developing international exchanges through the “Palestine Children Theatre” project take place with events planned and organized by the association like workshops, local accommodations and collective creations in the Middle East, in France and in Europe.