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Association ACTIVISTS



Baltijos G. 51-26



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Missions and objectives

main aim
of AKTYVISTAI was to gather a company which would not only realise itself and its ideas but would
also spend their free time together doing something meaningful & healthier for themselves, their families,
community, country. But in last years association mainly promoting youth development, the mobility of
young people and fostering active participation, to spread the ideas of sustainable development, to
promote non-formal education as a tool for intercultural learning and self-development. The association is
open not only for the youth but everyone who likes an active lifestyle, is positive, looks for friends or
wants to teach or learn something new. It is also possible to test yourself in various activities, find new
friends, just have a good time and even to earn some experience. The attitude of organization involves
being ACTIVE, POSITIVE and ENJOYING life. The aim of AKTYVISTAI is to coordinate the actions
in the way that would allow all of its members feel free to use their skills and experiences implementing
their ideas. We are helping to people be motivated, united, and get discounts in some events, trainings or

Main Activities

Association already implement 3 Erasmus+ youth exchange in 2015-2020 years with more than 140
international participants in total. Was a partner and coordinator for Lithuania in Erasmus+ Sport 2 years
projects “True basketball.Real games”. From 2017 NGO was partner in Erasmus+ Capacity building in
the field of Youth project “Bridge between Europe and Asia called Synergy”. In 2019 we are
implemented Erasmus+ Sport small collaboration projects “Volunteering for sporty and healthy life” &
“Women Empowerment in Sport”. Some members help to coordinate and implement Erasmus+ Sport 2
years project in Lithuania: ”Fans Against Violence”. Our members represented Lithuania in over 200
various international events. From 2020 we are partner in two KA2 projects. Most of the projects and
activity you can see here:

Contact person

Karolis Stirbys