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Assiut Human Rights Association (AHRA)



23 July st., Ebn-Sina Tower, next to Renisance Cinema, 6th floor, apartment 5, Assiut, Egypt.



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Missions and objectives

Mission: Provide all our experiences leading civil organization in Assiut in the defense of human rights issues. In order to provide sustainable development programmers and contribute to community empowerment ,especially the marginalized groups of the enjoyment of the rights and fundamental freedoms, As well as the use of community-based accountability mechanisms to improve the quality of public services provided by government or civil society.

Objectives:• Develope the capacity and skills of human resources in association with efficiently and effectively.
• The internal government services achieve the goals.
• The association cooperated and share with funders.
• Increasing the effectiveness services offered by association in human rights.
• High level of awareness within community of the importance of their participation in the access protection of their rights.
• The action more carefully adopted of human rights issues
• Conscious societies the rights and duties of active citizenship.
• Supportive society, practice fairness and active citizenship.
• Women able to exercise their citizenship rights within the society effectively.
• Supports gender issues efficiently and effectively within the society.

Main Activities

• Conducted a round table on “Modifying Local Councils Law as a Start for Political Reform in Egypt” in cooperation with the British Embassy.
• Implemented a program for solving women’s issues through working with Women’s Issues Center.
• Conducted a workshop on “Recruiting Volunteers” in cooperation with the National Democratic Institute (NDI).
• Monitored the presidential elections on may then the final on June 2012 and the parliamentary elections in 2011/2012.
• Held a conference on “The Civil Society and Reform Issues in the Arab World” in cooperation with the Future Studies Center (November 23 – 25, 2004).
• Participated in 11th session of the united nations’ human rights council in Geneva.
• Participated in the women’s college program organized by international republican institute (IRI).
• Conducted a workshop on modifying the law of the non governmental organization in collaboration with the Egyptian center for women’s rights.
• Monitored the presidential and parliamentary elections in cooperation with the national council for human rights.
• Conducted a workshop on “Fighting Money Laundry and
Terrorism” in cooperation with the Egyptian Banking Institute.
• Conducted a workshop on “The Guide of Companies’ Governance in Egypt” in cooperation with Special Projects Center at the American Chamber of Commerce.

Contact person

Alaa Aymen,