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Artefactos Bascos



Rua José Barbeta 30 Pq Nova Cunha. Cunha (SP)



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Missions and objectives

ARTEFACTOS BASCOS is a multidisciplinary platform founded by artist, performer, art historian and graphic designer Ieltxu Ortueta. It develops scenic, graphic and performance projects, with a focus on young audiences. Artefactos Bascos thinks of the child as a partner in play and co-creator in interactive works, which move between visual arts, performance art and non-conventional performative spaces. We believe in the unique character of each child and in collective play constructions, as a device for encounter, discovery and artistic creation. Every child is an artist! Artefactos Bascos is member of VINCULAR (Latinoamerican Network of Creators for the Chilhood) and SMALL SIZE Network.

Main Activities

With the interactive performances FLOU! and C A M P O performed in Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Spain, Norway, South Africa, Germany and Palestina. In 2020, in the current pandemic, starts developing B A T U premiere in Mexico (june 2021) and PLAYGROUNDS Por Todo Lado! PLAYGROUNDS Everywhere, a co-creation partnered with Dutch theatermaker Erwin Maas, researching how to communicate virtually (and in hybrid forms) an encouragement for somatic play and imagination away from the screen. He created E U P! (Unique & Powerful Encounters), art residency, which invites artists to reflect and create together focused on early childhood.

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Ieltxu Ortueta

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After performing and staying for 20 days in Palestine in Palestine International Theater Festival for Children and Youth in 2019 (that was incredible with Al-harah Theater) my desire is to create more relations with arab countries and culture and I am really open for partnerships