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Art to Heart فن من القلب



Nanlus – West Bank



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Missions and objectives

We work to empower persons with disabilities and marginalized groups in Palestine socially, psychologically and economically through inclusive participatory arts, artistic and cultural practices. We create a safe and stimulating environment for creativity that celebrates their talents, promotes their social integration, and contributes to raising public awareness of their issues and transmitting them to decision-makers and policy makers.

Objectives: Through a diverse range of inclusive art interventions, Art to Heart aims to celebrate the abilities and artistic achievements of Persons With Disabilities’ (PWD’s) and advocate for their rights. We contribute to mainstreaming PWD into the different sustainable development projects and to empower them socially, economically, and culturally.

Main Activities

– Performances and Exhibitions (art productions)
– Capacity Building – Skills Development
– Advocacy through the arts
– General Art programmes (open for all)
– Drama for Autism training course

Contact person

Suha Khuffash