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Art in Motion



Beirut, Rue Chehade, Jardin de Tabaris blg, 5th floor



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Missions and objectives

1. To promote the mixture of different socio-economic backgrounds through visual and performance arts.
2. Reinforce art as a medium of empowerment, exchange and dialogue within MENA region.

1. Promote art as a uniting force in society.
2. Enable art to generate conversations and dialogues across myriad boundaries including socio-economic, cultural and geographic.

1. Revive public spaces using art.
2. Integrate art into public discussions to enhance social mix.
3. Promote & facilitate cultural exchange.
4. Run and deliver art projects.
5. Showcase the achievements within the local regional and international art scene.

Main Activities

Art in Motion’s most recent activities have been supporting local emerging artists (Architects, singers, song writers, photographers) by spreading awareness on their work and introducing them to a network of opportunities. Three outdoor art exhibitions were planned to activate public spaces and engage the Lebanese community to heal and connect, however they were cancelled each time due to conflict and the worsening economic situation in Lebanon.

Contact person

Rania Tabbara