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Arab Origami Center



17 Ibrahim Shawqy st, Al Ibrahimeyah Qebli, Alexandria Governorate



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Missions and objectives

Our Mission is two-fold,
Leaving effective social impact, and incorporating Origami in different art disciplines.

One:- To empower teachers and facilitators in Egypt by using origami for developing non-formal education, in addition to promoting creative thinking skills.

Two:- To combine origami with different disciplines; coming up with creative artistic products that serve social values.

Our Vision
Using origami as a tool in order to contribute in creating proactive and critical-thinking citizens that find new and creative solutions for their daily lives.

Main Activities

The Arab Origami Center is a cultural center that utilizes origami as a medium that can be merged with different approaches to improve life for community, such as :
Different art disciplines (Performing and Visual Arts)
Game and Product design
Non-formal education through applying active and holistic learning techniques in community-based Projects that support (Dialogue, Gender Awareness, and Children rights)

Contact person

Ossama Helmey