Alrowwad Cultural and Arts Society

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Alrowwad Cultural and Arts Society






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Missions and objectives

ACTs is an independent, (and) not-for-profit, non-governmental organization, distinguished by its philosophy of “Beautiful Resistance,” working in the spirit of social entrepreneurship, to deepen the notion of belonging, volunteering, creativity and self-expression for children, youth and women, regardless of origin or religion. We partner with kindergartens, schools and the local community to create a harmonious and unified society using and employing “non-violent” expression through education as well as with performing and visual arts which preserve Palestinian oral history. Moreover, ACTs provides vocational training for job creation and building the peace within individuals to be able to build it among Palestinians and the world.

ACTs was established by a group of volunteers in 1998 in Aida refugee camp-Bethlehem with the belief that everybody has the potential to be a change-maker with the philosophy “With or without money, we do it.” ACTs has developed its pioneering programs with local and international partners according to the needs and agendas of the community while also undergoing capacity-building of the organization and its employees through specialized training and development of infrastructure using modern technology for human communication. In diffusing its programs and activities by building bridges of partnerships and exchanges locally and internationally, based on respect of human rights and values and conservation of Palestinian traditional culture and environment.


Main Activities

– Performing Arts: Theatre and Dance
– Visual Arts: Photography – film making
– Education
– Vocational training
– Training of trainers