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AlGhina Ngo






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Missions and objectives

AlGhina Ngo serves vulnerable individuals and families. We provide short term as well as long term solutions according to their needs. We provide within the food, medical, educational, developmental and relief sectors. We invest in children for a better future. We empower women for a stronger community. We give families a chance for a better life.

Main Activities

– Financial support through debt repayment and house rent for those who are unable to pay.
– Educational support by paying school, university and institutes and securing school supplies. As well as providing training courses, workshops and additional seminars in the Ngo.
– Supporting small and medium-sized companies by evaluating and improving the skills of their owners and providing them with the necessary tools and sites to start their project. Every family is supported for the first 3 months.
– Health support by covering the medical costs of the most vulnerable. We provide funds for regular operations, surgeries, treatments and monthly medications.
– In-kind aid, distributed in all its forms on a weekly basis to our circle of beneficiaries, which expands monthly. The aid is distributed according to the needs of the family including but not limited to: food parcels, meat, vegetables, milk, diapers, toys, electronics, clothes, etc..
– Renovating homes to make them livable again, and workplaces to make them operable again.
– Distribute winter clothing from blankets, duvets, kerosene and heating fans as well as heat and insulation mats to make homes and tents warmer and more resistant to harsh winter conditions.
– Providing greater opportunities for women by providing the resources they need in terms of financial support and in-kind assistance to increase their educational capabilities so that they can improve their living conditions and of their families.
– Kids Activities: Activities, courses and fun trips that nourish their bodies and minds.

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Carol Aboul Laban