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Albanian Center for Oriental Studies (Acfos Albania)



Tirana, Albania



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Missions and objectives

1. Saving the Oriental traditions in Albania.
2. The opening of a big Center for Oriental Studies.
3. The opening of a cultural magazine on Oriental Studies.
4. The opening of a special library about the publications in Oriental languages.
5. Making studies on connections of the Albanians with Oriental countries and make closely connections with Albanians who live or work in Oriental countries.
6. To open an Publishing House, non-profitable, serving to publish Oriental works.
7. To establish different connections with different Centers and Organizations inside and outside Albania, who have the same activity with Our Center.
8. The opening of an Institute for Oriental Studies.
9. To be concerned with the government for the opening of the branch of Oriental Studies at Faculty of Philology of Tirana University.
10. Contacting with people from all over the world, who work on Oriental field.
11. Preparation of seminars, projects and studies on Orientalism

Main Activities

Introduction to Albanian Center for Oriental Studies(ACFOS-Albania)

Contact person

Ermal Bega (Executive director)