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In Alaverdi, theatrical representations for the Medepromyshlennikovs, as well as for the inhabitants of the fortified village, until the establishment of the Soviet authorities, in 1920, a group of sailors from Tbilissi (Tbilisi), Leben Akparyan, about 20 centuries ago. In the December issue of the newspaper “Krasny Lori” for 1921 we read in publications, according to which the Alaverdi Theater played in the Volga spectacle for goal scorers, a spell from the goal exceeded 4000 rubles.

Main Activities

In 1934, on the instructions of the People’s Committee, Armen the Armenian founded the State Workers’ Theater in Alaverdi (“Armen the Armenian”, “Sixty Years on the Armenian Stage”, Armenia, 1965). The main part of the theater was made up of family members of the famous actor սիր who love actors, recruited from the field. Soon after that, the theater became one of the leaders of the regional theaters of the republic in terms of various economic and creative indicators, as mentioned by the famous actor Hrachya Nersisyan in an article published in the Soviet Armenia newspaper in 1949. In subsequent years, well-known directors Ashmat-Ashot Matosyan, Hovhannes Msryan and others worked in the Alaverdi Workers’ Theater. The great actors of the Armenian theater Volodya Grigoryan, Serik Shekoyan, Verdzhaluys Mirijanyan, Gorg Aslanyan and others worked in the Alaverdi Theater. Famous theatrical figures were born in the families of actors of the Alaverdi theater, actors Vladimir, Jasmen Msryan, Hrachya Gasparyan and others. In 1951, together with other regional theaters of Armenia, the Alaverdi workers’ theater was closed.

After the closure of the Workers’ Theatre, a self-made theater group was formed from the actors who remained in place in the House of Culture of the region, which continues to stage performances, performing both in Alaverdi and in the surrounding villages. In 1959, taking into account the high level of the amateur group, he was one of the first in Armenia to receive the title of National Theater (Hrayr Hovakimyan, National Theaters of Armenia, Armenia, Yerevan, 1972). As the Regional National Theater named after Tumanyan, it existed until 1994. Theater pioneers Rafik Harutyunyan, Georg Aslanyan, Khoren Harutyunyan, Ashot Akhinyan, Haykaz Voskanyan, Ruben Hakobyan, Hrachya Papinyan staged performances here. The troupe of the theater in different years was the winner of the festival Olympiads, and in 1987 became the laureate of the All-Union Festival with Vasily Shukshin’s play “The son-in-law stole an armful of ashes” (dir. Papinyan). He performed in different regions of Armenia, Yerevan, Georgia, in the coastal regions of the USSR. The self-made team of the Chamber of Culture of the Alaverdi Mining and Metallurgical Combine also received the title of People’s Theater in 1977. This theatrical troupe was headed by Haykaz Voskanyan throughout its activity. In 1985, a self-made theater group operating in the Akner settlement district of Alaverdi received the title of National Theater, and in 1990 there were already three national theaters in Alaverdi.

In 1990, on the basis of the National Theater, the Alaverdi branch of the Vanadzor State Theater named after Hovhannes Abelyan was established, which existed until 1992. In 1992, the theater became a municipal theater under the name Tumanyan Regional Theatre. After the dissolution of the districts in 1997, it was transferred to the balance of the municipality and it became known as the Alaverdi City Theater. The theater was directed by Kamo Petrosyan (1992-1993), Hrachya Papinyan (since 1993), Artur Simonyan, Aghasi Gorkhmazyan.

Over the years, he was awarded the main prizes of the “Theater Lori” international festival. In 2011, the theater received the first prize at the republican festival dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the introduction of the local self-government system.

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Aghasi Ghorkhmazyan – General Manager, Actor