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AFCA Arts Center




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Missions and objectives

AFCA’s main mission is to educate children and young people through arts and culture and give access to all children across Egypt the opportunity to experience different art forms.

Main Activities

AFCA works on 3 different axes within the cycle of the art experience for the child. first: Arts Education Programs- through these programs AFCA offers multiple workshops in storytelling and theater as well as visual arts for children aged 0-18, such workshops take place across different national and international schools as well as different cultural centers across Egypt.

AFCA also works on improving the education process by incorporating arts into it by carrying on training for teachers through which teachers learn more about theater and storytelling and how can they include it in their teaching methods for a better learning experience.

AFCA also works on Theater productions tailored for young children with local and international artists to nurture the art scene for young children in Egypt and productions are produced in three different languages (AR-FR-EN.

to give a creative outlet and access for children to experience different Art Forms, AFCA organizes an annual festival, Hakawy International Arts Festival for Children, the only international arts festival for children in Egypt since 2011. Hakawy invites local and international artists and companies to participate in it and takes place across 3 different governorates in Egypt as a way of decentralizing the arts festival experience and to be easily accessible for children no matter where they are from.