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Missions and objectives

AeliaPath is a social cooperative organization of Holistic & Experiential Learning based in Thessaloniki, Greece. Οur vision is to create the conditions that will lead to a positive change in education. In this line, the design of AeliaPath’s programs supports the principles of the Incheon Declaration & Framework for Action towards inclusive and equitable quality education for All, according to Education 2030 by UNESCO.
Τhrough our programs we encourage young people to:
Cultivate life-skills for the 21st century (critical thinking, flexibility, imagination, problem solving, creative disruptive innovative mind, resilience, meditation-mindfulness)
Acquisite study skills (cognitive skills, learning to learn and metacognitive skills, learning to correctly apply what I have learnt)
Develop Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and cultivation of the capacity for mature love (self-control, empathy, self-knowledge, management of emotions)
Cultivate environmental education and world consciousness (volunteering, recycling, environmental sustainability, global citizenship, cooperation amongst students worldwide)
Furthermore, the educational activities of AeliaPath are based on the equal and differentiated access to education for All, thus implementing inclusion in learning, aiming not only to attain learning skills and knowledge, but also the cultivation of students’ self-awareness and whole character. Aeliapath supports every human being to discover their uniqueness through their diversity, to assist them in developing it and then to show them how to share it for the benefit of the world.


Main Activities

AeliaPath team design and implement educational experiential and interactive programs for children and adults on the subject of culture and environment through the arts. Our team specialised in the edu-Larp (educational live action role playing) method and considered experts in the region of Greece. Live Action Role Playing games aim to enhance learning in School and Adult Education and lead the participants to develop communication, collaboration, interaction, awareness, self-awareness skills, empathy, organizational skills. Also, our team uses educational live action role play (Edu-LARP) in order to diversify learning experiences, explain different topics, play through situations and scenarios, and to simulate the consequences of one’s decisions. All the senses are activated, physical and emotional engagement support deep learning. Our team has implemented innovative educational, interdisciplinary programs with ‘concrete’ objectives and initial design for students (primary and secondary level) with the holistic AeliaPath approach, with elements from the curricula of typical primary and secondary schooling in Greece.
Also, AeliaPath has organised many training in the edu-larp method, (Educate the Educators) based on the holistic method & the methodology of Educational Live Action Role Playing including both theoretical and practical training, distribution of materials and examples of implementation of programs in ordinary school classrooms, envisioning the growth of educational prototypes for the cultivation of virtuous education.
In addition, AeliaPath designs and implements team animation programs aimed at strengthening relationships between the members of a group/team. Our goals:
1.Developing a positive atmosphere within the team
2. Improving communication between team members
3. Strengthening cooperation
4. Promoting innovation and creativity
5. Enhancing team performance and productivity
6. Improving leadership skills, problem-solving ability, organizational and communication skills of members
7. Building trust between team members


Contact person

Maria Theodosiou