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012factory Spa Società Benefit



Viale Carlo III di Borbone n°8, 81100 Caserta



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Missions and objectives

We are a start-up incubator and Benefit corporation based in Caserta, Italy, and certified by the Ministry of Economic Development. We promote innovative entrepreneurship and support the creation and the growth of start-ups in the field of digitalization, IT, sustainability, education, agriculture, food, design and creativity, with particular attention to cultural and local development.
As a benefit corporation, we believe in transdisciplinarity and cross-breeding among arts, culture, local development and entrepreneurial innovation, our field of expertise, for the improvement of our society.

Main Activities

Our activities include consultancy services to both start-ups and institutions in Italy and beyond, research in partnership with universities, training courses for aspiring entrepreneurs through the method of peer innovation.
We work in the field of education: 012factory is an accredited body for Erasmus+ (European Vocational and Educational Training mobility) and organize project works in partnerships with schools.
In addition, our international networking activities concern the areas of innovation, urban regeneration, sustainability, economics and creativity.
We promote cultural initiatives and urban regeneration interventions both with local partners and international networks.

Contact person

Graziella Portia