أسم الجمعية أو الفرد

Youth Center for Research and Development

البريد الإلكتروني


N 32 Moulay Hicham Street



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الأهداف والمهام

Coach, enable and empower youth in various fields ; whether it’s in the democratic, economic, social, cultural,
political or environmental areas, to increase their participation in public life and achieve the objectives of
sustainable development.
Achieve gender justice and empower women and girls.
Support and protect human rights at the national and regional level.üüTo Expand freedom within societies in
areas of political systems, democracy, freedom of expression, transparency, accountability and justice.
Spreading human and volunteer values, encourage behavioural and critical thinking skills, interfaith dialogue,
while rejecting violence and extremism.

الأنشطة الرئيسية

The Youth Center for Research and Development
is a non-profit civil society development
organization, established in 2015, that aims to
enhance the role of societies, especially within
youth and women, as active actors in leading
change under its different aspects, whether it’s in
the economic, social, political or cultural fields.
Therefore we believe that investing in their
energies and capabilities is fundamental to achieve
the goals of sustainable development. We have the
ability to reach communities with all its
components in whole regions of the Kingdom,
especially in the province of Guelmim Oued Noun.
The Centre has significant volunteer committees
in several regions of Morocco. Furthermore, we
cooperate with an important network of
institutions and associations in implementing our
projects, programs, activities, events and

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