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vena rota






Coronel Gracia 641





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Field of work

Human Rights


Missions and objectives

With the intention of maintaining an open and sensitive flow to contingency, Vena Rota traces a path towards inspiration and questioning, “seeing the blood of the living” in a constant movement of bodies, ideas and sensibilities.

– Plan and execute programs of experimentation and exchange of knowledge, related to art, politics, the social body.

– Develop content to stimulate reflection and critical thinking, videos, podcasts, graphics, etc.

– Creation and implementation of performances and collective interventions in public, artistic and unconventional spaces.


Main Activities

Vena Rota is a platform for cultural management and artistic creation with activity in Buenos Aires and Asunción from 2017 to the present, coordinated by Brune A. Comas and with the collaboration of various artists. He has held workshops, group and individual performances, short films, web-performances, streaming, workshops, podcasts and shows.


Contact person

Brune A. Comas


Something to add?

As an agency, vena rota seeks to expose the blood of the living, to enable the notion that there are vital, material and immaterial flows between bodies, which are essential to question, break, recompose when life can no longer. It seeks to ally itself with artists, organizations, to generate sensitive and collective movements of contagion, affectation and reflection.