The Palestinian Museum

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The Palestinian Museum






Museum Street (off Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Street) PO Box 48, Birzeit, Palestine






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Missions and objectives

The production and dissemination of emancipatory learning experiences about Palestine, its people and history through innovative programmes in Palestine and around the world.

– Inclusivity: The Palestinian Museum builds partnerships and bolsters Palestinian communities wherever they are
– Excellence: The Palestinian Museum produces verifiably accurate content
– Creativity and Innovation:The Palestinian Museum presents novel tools and concepts as well as innovative content across all its platforms
– Transparency: The Palestinian Museum is accountable to society and strives to maintain its trust
– Independence: The Palestinian Museum is an independent institution with no political affiliations
– Inspiration: The Palestinian Museum is a source of hope for a free Palestinian future


Main Activities

Museum without Borders
The Palestinian Museum was designed as a transnational institution, capable of overcoming geographical and political boundaries to reach Palestinians within historic Palestine and beyond. Its digital collections and online platforms, alongside its network of local and international partnerships, will allow for the sharing of skills, resources, programmes and exhibitions with individuals and institutions worldwide.