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The Palestinian Institute for Cultural Development NAWA






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NAWA is a nonprofit organization that was established in Ramallah in 2004. It focuses on the musical heritage of Palestinians through research, collection of material, publications, audio productions, and preservation. Its archive is considered the most important with thousands of photographs, print material, recordings, musical transcriptions, recorded testimonies, and interviews. It released several albums of rare recordings and reproductions of Palestinian composers who were active and engaged in a vital music scene before and after 1948. The Nawa Music Ensemble performs dozens of times locally and internationally. NAWA continues to engage in research and collection and lectures, seminars, and workshops. Its main researchers are Nader Jalal, Dr. Issa Boulos, and Loab Hammoud.

Main Activities

Research, archiving, fieldwork, productions, lectures, seminars, outreach, and workshops.

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Issa Boulos