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The Lebanese Living Composers Channel




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Missions and objectives

Project goals
1. Archive the works of the living Lebanese composers and support their presence on YouTube.
2. Create a free educational resource for composition students in Lebanon and abroad.
3. Create a shared portfolio for Lebanese living composers which helps introduce them to producers, festivals, art directors and musicians seeking new pieces and commissions.
4. Present the Lebanese living composers through a selection of chamber music, and create a direct communication canal between them and the market (by listing their website, publishers, social media pages and contact info on the descriptions of the videos).
5. Create a sustainable growing YouTube channel that can support any existing or future projects related to the Lebanese living music composers, along with a Facebook page and an Instagram account related to the channel.
6. Create a supportive community for the Lebanese living composers where they can get to know each other through music.
7. Create a platform to share interviews (or live streams) with those composers introducing their pieces and styles.

Main Activities

Lebanese Living Composers’ Channel (LLCC) is a project that aims to support the Lebanese living music composers, by creating a YouTube channel dedicated to present their works as score videos

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Wajdi Abou Diab